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Artec Micro "Unsupported GPU" - Unable to start Automatic Path

May 15, 2020


When working with the Artec Micro scanner and using the "Automatic" scanning path, you may encounter the following error message:



The new Automatic Scanning path feature for Artec Micro scanners, introduced in Artec Studio 15, is currently only supported on NVIDIA graphics cards which meet the following requirements:

  • at least 3 GB of dedicated memory (VRAM)
  • CUDA compute capability of 3.5 or above

In case you encounter the "Unsupported GPU" error message as illustrated above, please verify that:

  1. Your computer is equipped with an NVIDIA graphics card (can be checked in Windows Device Manager), and the latest drivers for this card are installed.
    Note: If your computer is equipped with multiple graphics cards (e.g. NVIDIA + Intel graphics), make sure that Artec Studio is set up to use the NVIDIA card. On most systems, you can right-click on the Artec Studio icon, select the "Run with graphics processor" option and choose "high-performance NVIDIA graphics".
  2. Your NVIDIA card has at least 3GB of dedicated VRAM memory and a CUDA compute capability of 3.5 or above (you can verify the CUDA specs of your card on the NVIDIA website).


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