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Using several scanners with Multi scanning mode

It is possible to simultaneously use multiple Eva/Spider scanners in Artec Studio. This function is particularly useful for cases requiring faster scanning (multiple scanners capture greater surface area) or the application of an automatic or semi-automatic scanning setup (such as using a turntable or scanning items moving on a conveyor belt).

System requirements:

To use multiple scanners, you need a resourceful desktop computer.

  • we recommend an Intel i7-i9 CPU, with at least 64GB RAM, and a good video card; you can use our PC specs for processing large objects from this article, for reference
  • a separate USB 3.0 or 2.0 controller is required for each scanner (not just a USB port, but an actual controller); we've successfully tested using 4 Eva scanners with the StarTech USB 3.0 PCI controller card PEXUSB3S400
  • the scanners should be immobile in relation to one another, so using tripod stands or custom mounts is necessary for holding the scanners in position in most applications

Configuring the software:

Please review the applicable section of the Artec Studio User's Guide, as well as this document for more information about the software setup.


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