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Artec Studio 12 compatibility with older versions

Our team is sometimes asked, whether Artec Studio versions are compatible in terms of installation path, drivers, projects transfer, etc, so the current short article will provide more information on this topic.


Compatibility of different Artec Studio versions on the same PC

Different software versions (AS9, 10, 11 and 12) are totally compatible in terms of drivers for Artec Eva / Spider, so no drivers re-install is needed

Artec Studio 12 is installed in a separate folder: C:\Program Files\Artec\Artec Studio 12 Professional. Therefore, various versions of Artec Studio can be installed on the same PC


Projects compatibility: older version of Artec Studio → Artec Studio 12

All projects, that were created in the older software versions, such as:

  • Artec Studio 8
  • Artec Studio 9
  • Artec Studio 10
  • Artec Studio 11

can be successfully opened and processed in Artec Studio 12.


Projects compatibility: Artec Studio 12 → the older version of Artec Studio

In general, such projects are compatible , so if the project was created in Artec Studio 12, it can be opened in the older version of Artec Studio.

However, there are two issues to keep in mind:

  1. In case of such project transfer, project history won’t be available (i.e. there will be no undo/redo option)
  2. If Max Compression option was used in Artec Studio 12 during project saving, then such project won’t be compatible with Artec Studio 11 and earlier. in case you are willing to transfer the projects in such way, use the default value of compression in Artec Studio 12.



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