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Accessories for Artec Ray

April 28, 2018

This article contains some useful information about the accessories for Artec Ray 3D scanner: a tripod, the batteries and the reference spheres.






  • To stabilize the scanner to increase 3D reconstruction
  • To raise the scanner to get an angle from above


  • Tripod should be stable enough to fix 5 kg 3D scanner and avoid its wobbling
  • There is 5/8 mounting screw on the Artec Ray base, so a corresponding adapter for a tripod might be required





Purpose: To add portability


  • Two batteries are supplied with every Artec Ray scanner, they are chargeable and interchangeable
  • Each battery is Li-Ion, 14 V, 49 W
  • Each battery powers Artec Ray for about 1.5 - 2 hours of 3D-scanning and it requires 2 hours to fully charge each battery


Reference spheres



  • Fast and precise registration
  • Possibility to scan objects without geometrical and/or texture features


  • Flexible positioning
  • A plastic stand or a magnetic base
  • Different diameters (14.5 cm, 20 cm, etc)

Note: We recommend using at least 5 spheres per one scanning angle, so a scanned object and five reference spheres should be clearly visible during every scanning session.


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