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AOP file format

General information

AOP is a format of American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists (, which was originally added in Artec Studio as an export format in 2011:



Export workflow & requirements

Generally, 3D meshes are exported from Artec Studio as polygonal STL / PLY files, so the conversion to AOP format is made into 3rd party software. However, if you are willing to export AOP directly from Artec Studio, keep in mind the following requirements:


1) Your 3D model must be correctly positioned according to XYZ axis before you export it to AOP:


To re-position your 3D model correctly, use a Positioning Tool or a Transformation tool in Editor tab before making export.


2) Slicing parameters must be set correctly: a window with these settings will be shown after you choose *.aop in export menu



AOP viewer

There is a free AOP viewer for Windows, which helps you to quickly check your exported AOP file. Its installer file can be downloaded via this link or via attachment at the end of this article.



Example of an AOP file

Feel free to download a sample one from the article attachment. Note that Artec Studio does not support import of *.aop files, only export.


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