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New articles in Support Center

Per your requests, we have summarized all information about newly added articles here together with the direct links to corresponding articles.


July 06 2017

We have added some tips and tricks for those of you who use Artec Eva to 3D scan car interiors. Sample 3D models are available in the article as well.


June 22 2017

Based on our customers' requests, we have added a couple of short articles: how to quickly merge several projects into one (link) and how optimization of screen resolution for tablets works (link).


May 25 2017

From now on, all CAD-related videos are combined into a separate section in Support Center and all tutorials for Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS plugin are listed in this article.


May 19 2017

A separate article about Connextion 3D Mouse and its supported commands was added.


May 12 2017

We have slightly modified the sequence of drivers installation, in case you are aiming to use a discontinued 3D-scanner with Artec Studio 12. The updated instruction can be found here.


April 28 2017

What's new in Artec Studio 12? Check the video tutorial from our Partners to find out!


April 24 2017

Artec Studio 12 has just been released! Check the release notes here, the announcement here or the ugrade information here for more details.


April 21 2017

A new video featuring Space Spider scanning and Autopilot was added here.


March 23 2017

Autopilot is the key feature of Artec Studio 11, therefore we have created a separate article, which describes its main principles and workflow.


March 6 2017

As requested by our customers, we continue describing the most useful Artec Studio 11 algorithms in our articles. Now it is automatic base removal which principles and use cases are covered in the corresponding article.


February 9 2017

As you may know, a free one-year subscription of Artec Studio 11 Ultimate is provided to Wacom Mobile StudioPro owners. All necessary instructions that will help to receive and activated this licenses are posted in this article.


January 21 2017

Welcome to a new section with Artec Studio 11 video tutorials created by Artec Gold Partner Digitize Designs. These tutorials include Autopilot, manual alignment, difference between fusion algorithms, filling holes & smoothing edges tools, defeature and eraser tools, mesh simplification and texture mapping. And a separate tutorial about scan quality and fixing warnings is available as well, so enjoy the videos and learn the features of Artec Studio 11 :)


December 18 2016

We keep adding new content, so all our clients can benefit from the following articles that are stored openly in our Support Center:


December 7 2016

We have tested more AMD Fire Pro cards with Artec Studio 11 algorithms. So main article dedicated to AMD performance tests and AMD certified drivers has just got updated. Check here for more information.


November 1 2016

We present a new serie of Wacom-related articles today:

  • Introduction to 3D scanning with Artec Studio Ultimate and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro: link to video tutorial
  • Post-processing at Wacom Mobile Studio Pro: link to article
  • Optional configuration of Wacom pen & keystrokes: link to article
  • Settings in Windows for maximum performance and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro tests with Artec Eva and Spider: link to article


October 26 2016

New articles about scanning and post-processing tips are here as well as new performance tests:

  • If you are curious to learn how to 3D scan legs easily, here are all tips&tricks summarized in one article.
  • For those who are curious to dig deeply into Artec Studio algorithms and analyze the most important parameter for your raw scans and frames we have added a separate article about Max error parameter.
  • Meet HP Omen - a powerful yet portable laptop for scanning and processing. Our clients' recommendation can be found here.

September 27 2016

A couple of articles dedicated to ScanApp have been added:

  • Article with hardware requirements for Artec ScanApp was added. Click here to open it.
  • Artec ScanApp installation instruction is now available here.

August 16 2016

Tests of new laptops and their performance in Artec Studio 11 are published here:

July 15 2016

  • Artec Studio & AIC installer files are now available in separate section called Download Center.
  • Process of recovering forgotten password of Artec license server is described in this instruction
  • If your scanner does not display as "Connected" for some reason, feel free to check this article: link

July 4 2016

  • Scanning arms with Artec Eva has never been easier: link to article with tips&tricks
  • Dezign Works tutorials showing direct file transfer from Artec Studio 11 to SOLIDWORKS are now available here.

June 22 2016

We have posted a special article for the owners of old Artec S, M, L, MH and MHT scanners: drivers for these devices can now be installed manually and are available for download separately (just scroll to the end of this instruction).

April 13 2016

  • All necessary information to activate Artec Studio via proxy is now available here.
  • AMD team has recently provided some videocards to be tested with Artec Studio, all results are posted in this article.
  • Operating conditions for Artec scanners are now available in separate PDF here.
  • PTX/PTEX output format is described here: link.
  • Helpful instruction how to recover your project is available in this article.

January 14 2016

When you capture the object with Artec scanner mounted on the robotic arm and you use Artec SDK, consider adding coordinates re-calculation to your C++ code. And here is a dedicated article with more information. And yes, it is indeed a frequently asked question about Artec SDK! :)

December 29 2015

Meet a new section in Support Center: here you can find all frequently asked questions about Artec SDK and all information you may need to launch Artec algorithms in your own plugin or C++ application.

A couple of new interesting articles have been added today as well:

  • Our clients have shared the specs of their powerful PC that they used for post-processing of a huge statue, we posted them here.
  • Also we have created several PDF files with schemes of Eva, Spider and Space Spider, they can be downloaded in this section.

October 9 2015

  • Here is a description of Artec Studio Auto-mode ("post processing in one click").
  • Texture healing brush workflow with a couple of pictures is described in this article.
  • A useful feature for 3D printing: export of geometry & texture in a single PLY file. Find the sequence here.
  • Calculation of square & volume of 3D model is described in this article.

September 25 2015

This article will guide all clients who would like to update their Artec Studio in offline mode.

September 17 2015

  • Information about optional equipment like USB extenders and Artec battery is now stored in separate section.
  • Our clients sometimes ask us which components exactly are essential for the best possible performance, all hardware priority requirements are now listed here.
  • Photogrammetry is great help for 3D scanning of large objects and it is compatible with our scanners. We have combined all useful information about this technology as well as tips & tricks in one article that can be found here.


You have reached the end of the article with Artec Support Center news :) If you have not found any specific information in our Support Center or you are curious to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact our team by emailing or by clicking on "Ask Support" button on the upper part of the screen. We will always be happy to assist you!