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Magic spray (for some exceptional cases)

In most part of cases you won't need to spray the object prior to 3D scanning, but our clients asked us to share some kind of solution for exceptional cases.

We have made some tests with this magic spray and the results are shared below :)

Cyclododecaan Spray will disappear from object in several hours after applying.

The company that sells it is

How fast spray disappears depends on material of the object and how much spray is added on the object. We made a test with a skull that was full covered with this spray (please pay attention that the layer was applied very thick on purpose to understand maximum time required for the spray to evaporate).

First photo - 0 hours:

Second photo - 3 hours after applying spray:

Third photo - 20 hours after applying spray:

We would like to underline that this spray is not a must and is not required in most part of cases (even if the scanned surface is very shiny, it is possible to scan it using right angle and increased 'Sensitivity' value in Artec Studio).

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