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Sprays (including the disappearing one!)


[Updated on April 12, 2018]

In most part of cases, you won't need to spray an object prior to a 3D scanning session (thanks for Sensitivity feature!). However, it is useful to know, which sprays are utilized by our Partners and customers, when the surface of an object is too shiny, transparent, etc. The following article will provide the necessary guidelines.

Important note: always observe the safety details, before applying the spray.


Helling 3D Laserscanning Anti-Glare Spray

  • Company: Helling GMBH (for instance, this spray can be purchased via
  • Feature: this spray seems the most frequently-used and recognizable :) Almost every time our team is told about a spray use case, they mention a Helling spray
  • Note: requires manual removal after 3D scanning



Cyclododecane Spray (link)

  • Company: Kremer Pigmente (
  • Feature: this spray will disappear from an object in several hours after applying
  • Note: apply with care to avoid "snowflakes effect" on the sprayed surface (it's critical, if the object contains small geometry that you would like to capture during your 3D scanning session)

Below are some results with a skull, which was fully covered with Cyclododecane spray. Pay attention, that the applied layer was made thick on purpose, since the goal was to calculate the maximum time, required for the spray to evaporate.


  • Photo 1: 0 hours after applying the spray
  • Photo 2: 3 hours after applying
  • Photo 3: 20 hours after applying

Artec Gold Partner Patrick Thorn shared one more picture with our team (hi-res picture is available at the end of the article):



Krylon Dulling Spray (link)

  • Company: Krylon
  • Feature: This spray was originally recommended to us by one of our US customers, its peculiar feature is to leave the texture almost identical to the original one, while removing the "shininess" from the surface and applying an anti-reflection coating over it.


Kenro Kenair AntiReflect Full Matt Spray (link)

  • Company: Kenro
  • Feature: This is the analogue of Krylon, advised and tested by our Gold Partner Antonius Köster



More recommendations

Below is the list of extra ideas, based on advice by Artec Partners and members of the 3D scanning community.

Spray based powders:

  • Magnaflux SKD-S2 Developer Spray
  • Rocol Leak & Flaw Detector Spray, Developer
  • Ambersil Leak & Flaw Detector Spray, Developer
  • Ardrox NQ1 Developer Spray
  • CRC 20790-AJ Testing Material Crick 130 500 ml
  • Krylon 5894 Marking Chalk White

Matt primer paints:

  • HYCOTE XUK610 Plastic Primer Aerosol Spray Paint
  • Halfords Plastic Primer Spray Grey 300ML

These ones sound unsual, but they are helpful and easy to find:

More ideas:

  • Any water-base paint, if applicable
  • Cermark Laser Marking spray (rinses off with water)



We are here to help! If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact our team by emailing or by clicking on "Ask Support" button on the upper part of the screen. We will always be happy to assist you and will get back to you as soon as we can.