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License deactivation

This document describes the license deactivation procedure for the Artec Studio software.

General information

Deactivation is supported for:

  • Artec Studio 8 (only versions 8.1. and higher)
  • Artec Studio 9 (all versions)
  • Artec Studio 10 (all versions)
  • Artec Studio 11 (all versions)
  • Artec Studio 12 (all versions)

Important note: You cannot perform a license deactivation for licenses that were activated offline (more information can be found here).


Deactivation via software uninstall

Here is the sequence of actions necessary to perform a deactivation:

1) Go to the Windows "Control Panel" and open "Programs and Features".

2) From the software list, select the version of Artec Studio that you would like to deactivate.

3) Click on "Uninstall".

4) Select the checkbox 'Deactivate Artec Studio' as pictured below.

Note: In older version of Artec Studio, the name of the checkbox may differ.
Example: "I want to deactivate this computer".

5) Click on 'Next' to continue, and follow the on-screen prompts. Your software will be uninstalled and deactivated.

Important note: You will need a working Internet connection and full administrator rights in order to successfully perform the deactivation.
Also, please ensure that your firewall and/or antivirus program is not blocking any Artec applications.


Deactivation via Artec technical support

This method can be used in the following cases:

  • You want to deactivate the Artec Studio 8.0 version which does not support a deactivation via software uninstall.
  • You no longer have access to the computer where your software license was active and cannot initiate an uninstall (the HDD was replaced, Windows was re-installed, the computer was stolen etc).

In order to have your license deactivated, please send a request to or use the Ask Support button above. Our team will manually perform the deactivation and will get back to you.