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Structure of OBC/CSV file for photogrammetry

This article is helpful for the clients who would like to use Artec software with photogrammetry solutions.

File formate description

Artec Studio supports 2 file formats used in photogrammetry: OBC and CSV.

Examples of both files are shown on the pictures below:

Artec Studio uses only first four columns of the file:

  • 1st column is “Point number” (or target ID);
  • 2-4 columns: X , Y, Z coordinates of the target;

AICON ScanReference photogrammetry reserves first 1000 numbers for the coded targets and numbers from 1001 for non-coded targets.

For example, you are using 10 targets: 5 coded and 5 non-coded. Then for the coded targets IDs will be from 1 to 5, while for non-coded targets IDs will start from 1001 to 1005.

Artec Studio uses only non-coded targets, so if you would like to create or load file from any other photogrammetry software, the non-coded targets IDs in the file should start from 1001.

Examples of compatible OBC and CSV files are attached to the article.

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