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Artec Studio 8.1 Release Notes

Support of Eva 3D Scanner

  • Software control from device buttons
  • Automatic switch off caused by overheating or error
  • Automatic switch off of the device when the connection to the camera is lost.


  • New Smooth Fusion algorithm for creating models of closed-loop objects
  • Non-rigid alignment algorithm in section Align.
  • Isotropic Remesh algorithm.
  • Dynamic scan loading/unloading during Global registration algorithm.
  • Brightness correction of texture during Texture mapping.
  • Blend-in-place texture algorithm was removed.

Interface changes

  • Panel for publishing to viewshape (Publish)
  • Texture panel is rearranged
  • During scanning with texture displaying the edges of the current frame are highlighted.
  • Camera viewpoint presets are added (along with shortcuts 1, 7 & 9 on extra numpad)
  • Shortcut for ortho/perspective (Shift+5 or 5 on numpad)
  • Textures may be unloaded now

ASM is renamed as Artec Installation Center

  • Offline activation
  • Deactivation from the website or from uninstallation dialog window
  • Device becomes activated right after it is connected to the computer
  • An ability to use another person's scanner in your Artec Studio
  • Display of connected devices and devices with license files
  • Support of new calibration type
  • Automatic license files updates

Other changes

  • Camera Manager utility was removed. All necessary functionality is now provided by AIC.
  • Export in xyzrgb format is added.
  • New installer