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Editing texture frames in your raw scans

This article will reveal the secret sequence that allows you to edit raw scans and the textures inside them.

1) Choose the scan, which texture you would like to edit, and export it as a folder with a sequence of raw frames inside (File - Export scan- *.ply)


The folder, exported in this way, contains both grey and coloured texture files (more information on this topic can be found in a separate article):



2) Apply necessary changes to coloured frames inside, but be sure not to change file dimension or extension. For example, a star is drawn on one of the frames, like it is shown on the picture below:




3) Now drag-n-drop the icon of the scan folder on Artec Studio window, so Artec Studio will interpret the folder with modified textures as a raw scan and will add this scan to Workspace:


If you switch to frame displaying mode, you will see the changes applied to texture frames in p.2:


After that, you can use these texture frames in any Artec Studio algorithm, for example, for texture mapping.

Note: full-sized screenshots are can be found in an attachment to this article.

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