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Automation of 3D scanning and processing

Our team is sometimes asked, whether there is a way to automate 3D scanning and post processing in Artec Studio. Depending on your workflow, feel free to use one of the methods described below.


1) Autopilot

At the very beginning Autopilot will ask you a few simple questions about the scanned object and your desired result. The final goal of this smart mode is to create the best possible 3D model from your raw data, automatically applying the most optimal parameters and algorithms. Also it is the only automatic mode that can utilize Eraser and Auto-align.

A comprehensive article covering Autopilot principles and typical usecases can be found here.


2) Automode

This mode allows to launch a batch of algorithms in a fixed order. Just enable or disable the corresponding algorithms in a list inside Tools section and click Go! button.

Overall Automode is a great solution, if you are scanning the same type of objects on a regular basis. Check this dedicated article for some setup tips and examples.


3) Running script for Artec Studio

You can use any solution to write a script which will interact with Artec Studio interface. For example, our team is using Squish Froglogic to automate some scenarios at our side.

Also our clients sometimes use Sikuli which allows to create automation script using screenshots. Sikuli provides a set of pre-defined functions that can be used as commands and allows specifying screenshots as arguments for these functions. Here are a couple of examples:

  • To automatically launch global registration, add a command that finds Tools icon in Artec Studio interface, clicks on it, then finds a section with Global registration algorithm and clicks on a corresponding button in the interface to launch the algorithm.
  • The same principle is applicable for automation of 3D scanning process: create a script that finds a picture with Preview button, clicks on it, then clicks on Record, waits for N seconds to capture the necessary amount of frames, then finds Stop button in the interface and clicks on it to finish 3D scnning process.


4) Artec SDK

Artec SDK is a suitable solution if you want to:

  • write your own C++ code to automate 3D scanning and / or post-processing
  • utilize Artec Studio algorithms in your own application or a plugin inside another 3D software
  • mount Artec scanner on a robotic arm

SDK libraries contain the same units of code that are used in Artec Studio, so your application can control 3D scanning process (including multicapture), run algorithms in the order you need with the parameters you need, export the model to a specific location, etc.

Documentation, FAQ and some samples can be found in this section of Artec Support Center.

The differences between all four methods are shown in a table below:

Feature Autopilot Automode Script for Artec Studio Artec SDK
Type of automation Processing Processing 3D scanning, processing 3D scanning, processing
Possibility to define algorithms parameters The most suitable ones are applied automatically + + +
Editing tools Eraser      
Auto-align +   + +
Manual align Only if a user himself wants to utilize it inside Autopilot +    
Registration + + + +
Outlier removal Applied, based on raw data + + +
Fusion + + + +
Small-object filter + + + +
Mesh simplification Applied based on user's final goal + + +
Texture mapping +   + +


We are here to help! If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact our team by emailing or by clicking on "Ask Support" button on the upper part of the screen. We will always be happy to assist you and will get back to you as soon as we can.